Monday, February 22, 2016

Order of Interbeing Founding Day

Full Moon Day 2016

'On the fifth of February in 1966, a full moon day, Thay Naht Hanh ordained the first six members of the Tiep Hien Order, the Order of Interbeing. This Order was created by Thay to help bring Buddhism directly into the arena of social concerns during a time when the war was escalating and the teaching of the Buddha were most sorely needed. 

It was a wonderful celebration! Each of us was given a lamp with a handmade shade on which Thay had calligraphed “Lamp of the World,” “Lamp of the Full Moon,” “Lamp of Wisdom,” etc. in old style Chinese. During the initiation ceremony, we six ordainees vowed to study, practice, and observe the Fourteen Precepts of the Order of Interbeing. Since that day, I have felt that these precepts are my primary teacher, especially when I have been under stress and do not know the best way to act.'

Sister Chan Khong, Learning True Love

Learning True Love is available from Parallax Press